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Elisa Analysis Plate Layout Tool

ELISA Analysis offers a powerful and easy to use ELISA kit plate layout designer.  A unique offering from ELISA Analysis is that we allow users to select from plate layouts that have been designed by other users in the community as well as from your own past layouts.

The easiest way to learn about the layout designer is to try it or watch our demonstration video on youtube:

1. Selecting from Existing Layouts allows you to choose from the Most Popular or Most Resent ELISA kit plate layouts that have been created by the ELISA Analysis user community.

ELISA Analysis Existing ELISA Kit Plate Layouts

2. Selecting from Create your Layout allows you to create a new layout using our layout designer.  The tool is straightforward and you simply need to follow the steps on the right hand side for each set of wells that you add to your plate.  Once complete you can give the layout a name and select whether or not to share the layout with other users.

ELISA Analysis Create You Own ELISA Kit Plate Layouts

3. Selecting from My Layouts allows you to choose from the Most Popular or Most Resent ELISA kit plate layouts that you have created in the past.  This is a great resource if you are regularly running experiments with the same plate layouts.

ELISA Analysis My Layouts ELISA Kit Plate Layouts

ELISA Analysis, ELISA Data Analysis – What is it?

ELISA Analysis is a broad term that describes the analysis of the data obtained from a ELISA based experiment.  A basic ELISA experiment involves a 96 well microplate with a series of wells used to produce a standard curve from known concentrations, a small number of blank wells and the remainder of the plate used for samples with unknown concentrations.  ELISA Analysis involves the following steps:

  1. Fitting of a model curve to the standard data to produce a Standard Curve
  2. Use the blank wells to identify the level of background noise and exclude data that is undifferentiatable form the background noise
  3. Use the Standard Curve to predict the concentrations of the unknown samples

There are many advanced ELISA Analysis techniques and these will be discussed in specific knowledge base posts.

ELISA Software, ELISA Kit Software – What is it?

ELISA Software is a broad term that describes software products that can be used in conjunction with ELISA kit products.  ELISA Software can be used to help design ELISA based experiments, control microplate readers to obtain ELISA kit results and to analyze the results obtained from ELISA experiments.  The most common type of ELISA Software is that used for analysis of the results obtained from an ELISA experiment and this type of software can sometimes be integrated with the plate reader.