Monthly Archives: May 2014 Academic Citations

We would like to thank the following researchers and clients for citing in their publications.  The service is just over a year old, so we look forward to seeing this list grow in the years to come!

Skuland, T. (2013). Effects of Toll-like Receptor Agonists and Tumor Necrosis Factor-α in the SW982 Cell Model for Synovitis.

Skelton, J. (2013). The Effects of Dietary Iron Concentration on Colonic Inflammation.

How to Cite or Reference

We really appreciate the support of our clients in citing our ELISA analysis service.  We request that you cite our service as follows:

Within the body of the paper: (Leading Technology Group, Australia)

If you require an APA style citation: (Version 3.2) (Software). (2014). Australia: LTG Ventures Pty Ltd. Retrieve from

Thank you again for your support.