ELISA Standard Curve Confidence Intervals

ELISAAnalysis.com and our associated companies are really passionate about high quality science.  So to support our clients we decided to include 95% confidence intervals around the linear and 4PL standard curves. The region between the lower and upper confidence bound on the concentration axis is an estimate of the 95% confidence interval.  We hope that you find them useful!

ELISA Standard Curve Confidence Intervals

Here are some further comments and features relating to confidence intervals:

  • We understand that some clients might not want the confidence intervals on their charts.  To remove them, simply click on the legend titles for each curve.
  • The confidence intervals only show where the values on the curve are not negative.  So if only one curve shows on your chart this likely to be the reason.
  • You might notice that the “Upper Confidence Bound” appears to be lower than the “Lower Confidence Bound”.  This seems a little confusing until you notice that the confidence bounds are for the predicted concentration on the horizontal axis.
  • The confidence intervals have been calculated using standard tools in the drc package of the R statistical software.

To read about how to tighten your confidence intervals, please refer to this article: How to Tighten ELISA Standard Curve Confidence Intervals

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!