Raw ELISA Data Input, ELISA OD Data Input

To input data into ELISAAnalysis.com, simply copy the raw OD data from a spreadsheet or text file and paste it into the input box.  ELISAAnalysis.com will automatically recognise the data and format it into a 8×12 matrix with the same labelling as a standard 96 well plate.

ELISA Raw Data Input Box ELISAAnalysis.com

ELISA Raw Data Input Box ELISAAnalysis.com

Here are some further details on what you can do:

  • To edit a well simply double click it
  • If you paste in less than 96 wells then the remaining wells will be treated as blanks
  • The input box will recognise raw data seperated by commas, tabs or spaces with each row on a new line.

If you run into problems importing your data then please contact us as we are keen to ensure all standard formats work on our platform.