How to calculated B/B0, % bound, for your competitive ELISA

Competitive ELISA is one of the many types of ELISA protocol. Competitive ELISA differs from sandwich ELISA in that the higher the concentration of the antigen in the sample, the lower the intensity reading. The maximum intensity is achieved when no antigen is present in the sample. To assess this maximum level in a competitive ELISA there is usually a control well in the plate layout that specifically contains no antigen and this is known as a Zero well or B0. Then the sample intensities can be compared to the B0 well to obtain a percentage bound. This is symbolized as B/B0 where B is the intensity of a sample well and B0 is the maximum intensity.

To calculate B/B0 with your should specify the B0 wells in your plate layout in step 2 of the work flow and select the check box “Calculate % bound (B/B0) for all samples using Maximum Binding (B0) controls?”  in step 3. will do the rest.